Fortuneís Kiss by Lisa Manuel



ISBN: 9781933836355

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Graham Foster loves the adventure of being a tomb raider in Egypt when he finds out he has unexpectedly inherited a baroncy.  Heading home to settle his estates, he discovers his family has taken over his new homes, displacing the previous owners.

Moira Hughes was at her fatherís side when he died, but not before he tells her he has taken care of his family.  However, no one can find this codicil to his will.  Moira sets out to find the proof that she and her mother were supposed receive a portion of his assets.

As Moira attempts to find out the truth behind the missing codicil with Grahamís help, the adventurer and the bereft woman discover that, despite each otherís unwillingness, feelings are beginning to grow.

The mystery continues to unfold, as do several subplots that eventually all tie together.

I was happy to read Fortuneís Kiss and get to know the characters.  Nearly all of the players are fleshed out and interesting in some way.  Grahamís family is broken, but the wounds begin to heal in subtle, but mostly convincing ways.  Moira can be a bit repetitive, but it plays pretty well against the growth of Grahamís character.  All in all, this was fun love story with a nice background of mystery.


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