For Life by Sam Cheever

Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary, Multicultural

ISBN: 978-1-60435-147-3

Reviewed by Patrice F.



As a biracial child and adult, Zoe has experienced the ugliness of bigotry.  So when she meets her fiancťís parents for the first time, she expects the worse.  Zoe is knocked for a loop when she comes face to face with her own personal truths.  She quickly learns that sometimes, the truth is an ugly place to visit when itís inside your own heart.

For Life is a warm and tender drama willing to explore a subject thatís pretty touchy.  Iím glad that Ms. Cheever illustrates that everyone at some time or another has been guilty of bigotry.   She adds a liberal dose of humor to smooth things along without preaching and pointing the finger.

Brian is amazing in that he brings out the best in Zoe.  In turn, Zoe embraces the gift of love in her life with Brian.  As long as we understand what makes us human by striving to become better and more self-aware we can rise above our failings.  Love is the answer to all things ugly, and Zoe and Brian demonstrate the power of the heart in this story.  Thereís always room for this type of story, and Iím pleased to say that it has earned its place.   


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