Forgotten Alliance by Margo Hoornstra

Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Melissa



Sarah Novak was totally destroyed when she was confronted by her husbandís girlfriend. She would never have thought that after 20 years of marriage Greg could betray her this way. Sheís always viewed infidelity as an unforgivable crime but Greg appears to be genuinely sorry and desperate to make their marriage work. Can she overcome the hurt and the lost trust to give their marriage another try?

Let me begin by saying that Forgotten Alliance definitely has the ability to draw the reader into the story. However, the story is lacking due to the short length. Infidelity is one topic that cannot be handled in 25 pages especially when the writer does such an excellent job of making the reader emotionally invested in the characters. Honestly, at the end of the story I was frustrated at the almost abrupt finish and wanted more details of Greg and Sarahís life and the other woman. Never one to like stories that deal with cheating, I was surprised to find myself wanting more and disappointed when I didnít get it.


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