Forgive & Forget by A. Steele

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M/M Multiple Partners BDSM Fantasy/Mythological

ISBN: 978-1-59632-651-4

Reviewed by Ley



Apollo despised Zephyrus for being the cause of his lover Hyacinth’s death.

Three thousand years later, Apollo still cannot get passed the loathsome feelings he has for Zephyrus and in the same amount of time, Zephyrus has held on to his love for Apollo.  Bound and determine for Apollo to face him and love him again, Zephyrus will stop at nothing to make that happen, even bring Hyacinth back from the dead…sort of.

Forgive & Forget is a well-written, very imaginative, and extremely sexual take on the mythological love affair between Apollo and Zephyrus.  A. Steele did a great job in humanizing the feelings between these two gods and had me wishing Apollo would give Zephyrus a second chance.  For lovers of Greek mythology, more specifically the story of these two gods, and hot erotic sex, Forgive & Forget is a must read.


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