Finally, You and Me by Lisa Harrison Jackson

Kimani Romance

African American Contemporary

ISBN 13: 9781583147849, ISBN 10: 1583147845

Reviewed by Indy



Career goals in mind and life long dreams at stake, Alexa Kirkwood decided leaving the love of her life was best after receiving an offer for the job of her dreams. Darius Riverside was a broken man when Alexa walked out the door without an explanation or backward glance.

Nine years later with lots of living behind them Alexa and Darius meet again at their best friendís renewal ceremony.  A love thought to be long forgotten seems unwilling to stay silent. Not even hurt feelings and long standing anger can stop Alexa and Darius from rekindling their relationship. Soon the two are moving full speed ahead back into each otherís arms throwing caution to the wind.

Living in different parts of the country with separate goals, it will take a lot for two long lost lovers to find the balance necessary in their lives and careers if they want to prevent losing out on a second chance at love.

When you have two career minded individuals trying to find a delicate balance sometimes life doesnít quite work on the schedule we would like. Finally, You and Me is a great example how sometimes young professionals have to really access where their priorities lie. Lisa Harrison Jacksonís heroine Alexa was single minded in her focus of making it big in the publishing industry. Time and time again she allowed her self-absorption to interfere and cause pain and strife in her relationship with Darius. A man who knew from the beginning who he wanted by his side showed true forgiveness when he allowed their past hurts to be set aside for a new chance at love.

I will admit to finding it hard to like Alexa and what I considered to be a totally self-absorbed attitude about her life, her relationships and her inability to be completely honest with the man she claimed to love. Iím curious how other readers will view this relationship because even with a happily ever after ending I couldnít help but end the story with the thought Darius deserved better.


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