Fighting Fate by Emma Sinclair

Fate, Book 3

Liquid Silver Books

Greek Myths

ISBN: 1-59578-287-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Atropos “Atty” Moirae is being set up, but she has no clue.  But as the Fate that is in charge of cutting the thread of life detecting, a set up of the romantic variety is not really up her alley.  However, as she sets out on the “vacation” her sisters have sent her on the last thing on Atty’s mind is romance, but more like concern over her sisters and assorted family members creating havoc.  But as soon as Atty boards the plane to the exclusive resort she is going to, “fate” as it were, throws a man in her path that she would be reluctant to miss during her vacation.

Cole has lead a pretty privileged life as a millionaire and hereditary playboy.  But when some life-altering news are handed to him, Cole decides to spend the little time he has left by contemplating life and nature’s beauty in an exclusive tropical island resort.  However, Cole didn’t count on coming across a woman like Atty. She turns him inside out and upside down and leaves him wishing that he had lead a different life and that he had more time to spend with her.  But with death looming there is no way he could ever offer her that – or is there?

I have to say that I never would have picked up Fighting Fate had I been left to my own devices, but it would have been my loss.  Fighting Fate is a sensual and romantic story that has the perfect mix of seriousness and hilarity to make it a perfect book for an afternoon when you are looking for a light, uncomplicated read.  Atty has lead a long, long life full of responsibility and weightiness, leaving her sadly in need of some lighthearted entertainment and romance.  Cole has lead a life that has been a little too care-free and the reminder of his mortality has brought home to him how much he wasted his life.  When these two find themselves together they will literally set your pages on fire and keep the reading light and fun, in spite of the specter of death.  Fighting Fate is a sexy book that reads along the lines of a wonderful chick-flick; fun and engaging with some tears, but not a really a deep book with unexpected plot twists.  Get Fighting Fate for a day when you want some lighthearted entertainment that also packs plenty of steamy moments.


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