Fifteen Minutes of Shame by Lisa Daily

Plume – Published by Penguin Group


ISBN: 978-0452289130

Reviewed by Tanya



Orphaned early in life and brought up by unmarried aunts Darby Vaughn appears to finally have it all.  She is just starting the launch of her successful dating book, is married to the man she loves and has gotten two adorable children out of the deal.  So why is she starting to doubt her husband, well for starters the man is supposed to be on a plane and he is getting gas at a local gas station, Darby swears it is him.  But, he explains this away and Darby goes off on her book launch tour that her publicity agent (her husband) has put together.  Her 15 minutes of fame foes to 15 minutes of shame in the blink of the eye when she is blindsided during an interview by what her “loving husband” has done.  He is getting back with his 1st wife, and it was publicly announced, derailing her publicity tour.

Now Darby stands to lose the children, man and lifestyle she has come to love.  But, what really matters to her most, and will she fight to the end for it?  Her best friends find her a hot shot lawyer, and he is a hot looking one too, who will take her case.  Now Darby is wondering if her marriage was all that she deserved.  But if she breaks her rules will she lose the only man who has ever loved her as much as she loves him?

I will admit I was a bit skeptical when I picked up Fifteen Minutes of Shame.  Oh I loved the blurb on the story but, was concerned as it was a debut novel by a woman known for writing dating books, like her main character.  Well by about chapter 2 I forgot I had even hesitated about getting into the book as I found I loved it.  There is enough realism built into the story line that I hope it will be easy to see how the story would take all the twists and turns it manages to.  But, in the end I found I had thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Daily’s witty writing and also how she has woven a love story into this fast paced dog eat dog world.  I enjoyed Fifteen Minutes of Shame and think you will also.


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