Fever by Sapphire Blue
The Vampire Oracle
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60088-276-0
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Charlie Kennedy has one goal in life and that's to rid the world of as many vampires as humanly possible. You see, a malicious bloodsucker brutally killed her parents, and from that moment forth, Charlie vowed to hunt down and slay every vampire she could find. That is, until she meets a vampire by the name of Julian DeLancies.

Second in Command of the Calmae Vampires, Julian DeLancies' current mission is to track down and eliminate the leader of the Rebellion, a nasty set of murdering vampires. Hot on his preyís trail, Julian locates him in a dark alley fighting a human female.

Instead of carrying out his duty of completing a successful kill, Julian is sidetracked by the alluring beauty of Charlie Kennedy, which results in his target getting away. Will Julian be able to productively accomplish the task at hand, or will his hunger for Charlie cloud his judgment, causing major destruction?

Have you ever hungered for something or someone so badly that your body craved it, and you thought you might die if you didnít get it? Well, thatís exactly how both the hero and heroine feel for one another. Although, it's the last thing either want, instant, undeniable passion explodes between the couple.  Sparks fly both in and out of bed for Charlie and Julian, due mostly to their conflicting strong-willed personalities. I thought Fever to be a great title for this book because of the desire that burns deeply within both Charlie and Julian. Fever has a lot of hot sexual escapades, and some exciting danger thrown into the mix to make things very intriguing.


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