Feral Intensity by L.A. Day

Faldron Shifters, book 3

Elloraís Cave Publishing

M/M Shape-Shifter

ISBN: 9781419916373

Reviewed by Ley



Dirk Valde knew his life-mate was out there and he hoped in due time he would find her.  When Dirk least expected he did find his life-mate, along with other discoveries that will send his life in a direction he never expected. Dirk distances himself from his pack and his life-mate in order to come to terms with the discovery that not only is his life-mate not lupine, but coyote, he is also the alpha MALE of his coyote pack.

Rian tried to give Dirk the space he needed, but after months of waiting he needed to touch his life-mate.  Rian knows the prejudices Dirk may face from his pack once his homosexuality is revealed, he had to face them all his life, and itís the reason why he left his fatherís pack.  Their packs aside Rian knows the only thing that would keep him from Dirk would be Dirk, and Rian will do everything he could to convince his wolf that they belong together.

Feral Intensity is fantastic.  Rian and Dirk have a strong passion for each other and an even stronger respect.  The latter was definitely needed in order for these two strong males to make their relationship work.  And there was also great honesty between them, nothing was sugar coated and both male spoke their minds, with outside forces threatening to tear them apart the openness between was a strong defense.  Although Feral Intensity is part of a series, it reads very well as a standalone.  I have not read the prior books in the series, but after reading and enjoying Feral Intensity I am definitely going to look into the prior stories.  


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