Feed by Jay Lygon

Torquere Press

Fantasy Erotic M/M

Reviewed by Emily



Even though there is no night or day in space, Private First Class Ezekiel Tahminís body has convinced him it is night.  He is on third watch in the medical bay, next to the morgue.  When he hears a noise that can only be a metal drawer being pulled open, Zeke discovers Colonel Adran Wir Strauta standing over the body.  The alien is an observer for the Wirran Military and the dead body was his servant and feeder.  The Colonel is convinced that there is an elaborate conspiracy against him at work, and without his aide he is in need of a new source of food.

Feed is an interesting story, a unique twist on your typical alien story.  I really enjoyed the character of Zeke and his view on everything going on around him.  There is a bit of humor and witty banter between Zeke and the Colonel that makes this a fun read.  I especially liked the admiration between the two men, and the sense of honor and duty that they both share.  My only complaint is that the story was too short!  I wanted more about the characters and the situation in which they find themselves.  Overall, Feed is a truly entertaining read!


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