Fearless Heart by Johanna Riley

Yellow Rose

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Tanya



Miranda Hansen is at a crossroads in her life.  She has graduated with a veterinarian degree and needs to decide if she takes the dream job in Kentucky or will she follow her heart and take the job where the man she has always loves works?  She decides that even thought she loves him she might have to give him up, as he has never shown interest in her beyond flirting.  So she sets out to boldly prove to Luke they belong together.  If he rebuffs her this time it is all done.  Will Luke listen to his heart or let Miranda go?

Fearless Heart was an extremely fast paced story with a lot of personal history and feeling well written in.  I enjoyed the way the author set the stage for a potential for the heroine to have it all or finally decide to move on.  Fearless Heart is a modern story of Cowboy romance.


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