Fast & Loose by Elizabeth Bevarly


Berkley Sensation

ISBN: 978-425-22085

Reviewer: Melissa



When Lulu Flannery decides to rent her house for the Kentucky Derby in hopes of making some quick cash to cover all the renovations that she’s been doing, the last person she wants staying in her home is “King Cole”. Cole Early is a famous thoroughbred trainer that has a reputation for beautiful women and late nights. However, the only thing on Cole’s mind right now is winning the Derby, although he does find his mind wandering constantly to the woman whose home he is renting. Neither Lulu nor Cole is aware that Cole is the person renting Lulu’s house. For Cole’s part he is intrigued by enigma that the woman whose house he is living in presents. To the point where he sneakily reads her diary and snoops through her underwear drawer

And once they meet, Cole is determined to win Lulu but can he overcome Lulu’s reluctance and convince her that he’s worth forever?

If I had to choose one word to describe Fast & Loose it would have to be…well…bland. While Lulu and Cole have chemistry together and Cole’s sneaking around Lulu’s personal belongings is totally humorous, the story never really seems to flesh out. Add to this a secondary story involving Lulu’s best friend that I was never able to get emotionally involved in and while Fast & Loose is certainly entertaining reading when your looking for something to do on a lazy day, it never seems to live up the true potential that Lulu and Cole promised.


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