Fallon's Men by Kyla Logan

Portals, Book 1

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-532-5

Reviewed by Zayn



Fallon is a Selkie and she yearns for a family of her own.  On a holiday visit to the Standing Stones at Callanish, Fallon finds herself drawn to one set of stones in particular.  Suddenly, her world is a thing of the past and she wakes up surrounded by two gorgeous male specimens, claiming to be her mates.

Soren and Jarek are mates and Guardians of the Vampire dimension.  They have been awaiting the complement that would make their Triad for a long time.  Fallon has arrived but can she accept Soren and Jarek and this whole new world?

I enjoy paranormals and Kyla Logan's Portals series is now on my favorites list. Fallon's Men was a wonderful beginning to what I hope will be an extensive series.  Fallon's men were hot for her and each other so if you like ménages with m/m flavor, try Fallon's Men.



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