Fabulous Brits by

Carol Lynne, Sedonia Guillone, Willa Okati, J.P. Bowie, Jane Davitt, Jade Buchanan


Gay Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-906590-93-2

Reviewed by Cassie



“Moor Love” by Carol Lynne

College student Caleb Winters is excited but a bit apprehensive about the year he will spend in England, working on the sheep farm of Jon Cook.  Jon is recovering from an injury, so despite his stubbornness he needs help on his farm.  He’s also been unable to speak since a car accident nineteen years earlier.  Once he meets Jon, Caleb finds he likes the man.  The more time they spend together, the more he likes him.  Can Caleb draw Jon out of his self-imposed isolation?

“Moor Love” is a sweet tale of love and redemption.  I liked the characters and found them very easy to root for.  I also liked the setting.  My only quibble was that a major conflict was dealt with way too quickly and easily, but overall “Moor Love” is an entertaining story.

“Yin Yang” by Sedonia Guillone

Fifteen years ago, Junichi “Basho” Sakai was beaten and nearly burned to death by yakuza on a family trip to Tokyo.  Now, he’s living in the gay quarter at the White Tiger, working as a cook.  He’s finally remembered his life before he almost died, and he longs for the lover, Timothy, he left in the US all those years ago.  Then an unexpected guest arrives at the White Tiger…

“Yin Yang” might be the most angst-filled short story I’ve read this year.  Fortunately, I like that sort of thing.  I enjoyed this story of love lost and found again.  I think I would have preferred to have read a few of Sedonia Guillone’s other stories set at the White Tiger, but “Yin Yang” stood alone well enough. 

“Kingsoak” by Willa Okati

Matthew is horrified when his car breaks down in Kingsoak, the bad part of town, and some thugs chase him.  Then he decides that after the awful day he’s had, he’s going to live on the edge.  He goes to watch a street fight, where he meets sexy fighter Gale.  He daringly decides to bet on the other guy in the fight.  When Gale wins, it’s time for Matthew to pay up…

Unlike the other stories in the anthology, “Kingsoak” had a bit of a magical realism thing going on.  There was an almost dreamlike feel about the story.  I liked the characters, and the sex was hot.  Although everything moved almost ridiculously fast, Willa Okati somehow made me believe their love was true.

“Under the Law” by J.P. Bowie

Singer and aspiring actor Peter Buchanan isn’t particularly happy to be at one of his jobs singing at a club.  At least until he meets sexy Police Inspector John Reed.  John seems to be hiding something however, and Peter has his own problems to deal with. 

It was interesting to read about London in the 1970s in “Under the Law.”  The relationship between Peter and John had several obstacles to overcome, and I enjoyed taking the journey with them. 

“Bound Together” by Jane Davitt

Children’s book collector Simon Weatherly is surprised when a young man comes to his home to sell him a rare old book of erotica out of revenge.  Then he realizes how the man came to have the book, and decides to purchase it, knowing he’ll only end up losing money on the deal.  When the young man, Chris Ross, discovers what Simon has done, he insists on repaying him.  Will they come to an arrangement that will suit them both?

The set-up of “Bound Together” was odd, yet it worked.  The chemistry between wild Chris and straight-laced Simon was hot.  There’s emotion, too, along with a satisfying ending, making “Bound Together” my favorite story in the anthology.

“Bull Rider” by Jade Buchanan

Wes Scott has moved from England to Canada to work as a dj on a British Army base.  While on a getting-to-know-you outing with coworkers at a country western bar, he meets the incredibly sexy Bull.  After a hot make-out session in Bull’s truck, Wes has to leave with his friends.  Was what Wes and Bull shared a one-night stand, or could it be something more?

“Bull Rider” is a fun, spicy story.  I liked Wes and big, dominant Bull was yummy.  As usual, Jade Buchanan doesn’t disappoint.

Fabulous Brits is a fun, hot anthology.  The variety of settings and storylines are enjoyable and interesting, and the British theme was really neat.  If you’re in the mood for sexy British guys who love other guys, you can’t go wrong with Fabulous Brits.


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