Exposure by G. A. Hauser

Linden Bay Romance

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60202-099-3

Reviewed by Lisa



All that matters to Robin Grant these days are his motorcycle and his leathers.  His step-father, Lester and his mom Dusty had pushed Robin into law school but after he washed out, Robin wasnít sure what he wanted to do with his life.

Republican Senator Kipp Kensington and his wife Louise have a written understanding instead of a real marriage.  They donít have sexual relations with each other or cheat on each other.  But, after nine years the cracks are starting to show.

Kipp has kept his desires buried deep but when he meets Robin the dam literally bursts and he canít hold back any longer.  For his part, Robin is instantly attracted to this older yet stimulating man who he canít get enough of.  Meanwhile, Louise has had quiet affairs for years but her progressive drinking makes discretion more and more difficult.  Secrets are hard to keep, even harder to deny and the more they try to hide their love, the more it shows.  Who ever said politics is a nasty business was right.

Author G.A. Hauser sets the conservative party against a closeted gay senator in Exposure.  Politics is a timely theme these days tossed together with main characters who are complete opposites making this a unique storyline for readers.  Unfortunately, the characters never endear themselves, the dialogue is juvenile or irritating at times and the ending leaves more questions than answers.  Exposure has a solid concept but the follow through is somewhat lacking.


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