Escapade by Melissa Jackson

Liquid Silver Books

M/F/M Erotic

ISBN: 978-1-59578-490-2

Reviewed by Elysia



Ceres is a woman of the twenty second century, and as such she knows how to get everything she wants in a man. She is going to buy one. After all, who needs a flesh and blood, and inherently flawed male, when you can buy a sexbot? The perfect man to meet all your needs. But Galen West, the creator of the sexbots has decided that he can be better than a machine, if only he hadnít designed them so well.

Escapade by Melissa Jackson is one of those stories that I donít know what to say about. I enjoyed the story overall, but had some major problems with it. I canít explain much without giving spoilers, but I felt that the solution was too pat. Certain characters gave in too easily while others gave up too easily. I found it difficult to believe that she had truly fallen in love with both males, given the fact that she had really only spent quality time with one. But having said that, the writing was strong, the sex was hot, and the attraction seemed real and believable. Hell, I want one of my very own, too.


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