Enslaved by Brenna Lyons


Dark Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-59426-622-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Jaysenís father, Jedean, is obsessed with power, seeking to gorge himself on as much of it as he can seize.  Senna Ravensky was lured, captured, imprisoned and treated abominably by Jedean.  She is part of the bounty that increases his power, as a slave and possession of immeasurable value. 

From the first moment he sees her, Jaysen reacts violently to her.  Years pass, and the hunger Jaysen feels for her never fades.  When Jaysenís father dies, he inherits everything, including Senna.  Does he have the will power to offer her freedom?  And who is truly the enslaved?

Brenna Lyons has a unique way of empowering the men and women in her stories.  Enslaved reflects this rare gift.  Jaysen and Senna are both victims of Jedeanís cruelty and selfishness.  This doesnít break them; it forces them to become better people and to adhere to the best qualities they possess within.  Sometimes the petty tyranny of another personís actions forces us to make the hardest decision so that we might be ultimately rewarded.  The rewards for Senna and Jaysen are love, self-respect and evolution as well as true freedom.   Itís a beautiful revelation and realization for two individuals who are strong, gifted and deserving of all the happiness they receive.  I couldnít help but cheer them on.

The manner in which this story reveals itself is art in that the overall premise is examination of the vice, Gluttony.  Ms. Lyons uses Jaysen, his father, and Senna to illustrate Gluttony in its many incarnations.  Although this is a dark fantasy narrative, there is definitely a universal appeal that would work in any genre.  The symbolism that is used in regards to the Radiant and Blood Mages only cements and fortifies everything; the concept of yin-yang, sun and moon, light and dark, life and death.  From beginning to end, this author demonstrates her command of myth, the genre, imagery, and the written word.  Reading and reviewing her work is always fresh and inspirational. This tale is another must read for new and current fans alike. 


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