Emerging by Mike Shade

Chrysalis, Book 2

Torquere Press

Contemporary Fantasy (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-513-4, 1-60370-513-9

Reviewed by Sabella



Aiden is now living in Pierce’s home, but how long will that last?  Sure, Pierce says that he “gets” what living with a bi-polar partner means, but how fast will he run the first time Aiden has an episode?  So far he’s kept it together, writing during the day while Pierce is at work and getting the nasty characters out of his head, but when his sister shows up and starts harassing Aiden and then he forgets to take his pills – will Pierce send him back to the hospital, or worse back to his sister?

Pierce knows what he is getting into with Aiden and he is more than willing to go through it all to have Aiden in his life.  But will Aiden ever believe him and trust in him implicitly?

Chrysalis 2: Emerging continues the strangely compelling tale of the enigmatic Pierce and the unbalanced Aiden and his daily struggle to stay on the right side of sanity.  Both men together make for a strangely compelling couple with Pierce’s unending patience and understanding of Aiden and his “peculiarities” while Aiden is an enigma of imagination, fear and insecurities.  It will be interesting where Mike Shade will take them next and see where they end up at the end of this chaser series.  Chrysalis 2: Emerging is just as twisted and intriguing as the previous installment with the added benefit of a huge helping of erotic moments.


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