Elven Exhilaration by Willa Okati

Elven, Book 4

Changeling Press

Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-59596-802-9

Reviewed by Jo



Jewel has always known that some day she would meet her prince.  A carefree day at the fair and a bit of daydreaming seem to be the order of the day until a sexy Irish voice breaks in, a voice that matches the attached body.  Jewel opens her eyes to see a sexy cowboy that makes all the girly parts of her scream in ecstasy.  Jewel learns her cowboys name is Cullen and begins flirting with him, and the flirting is returned in full.  Jewel is ready to follow Cullen anywhere until she sees him run up to a man that is obviously his partner.

Disillusioned but still believing she will see Cullen again, Jewel decides to continue with her day at the fair.  There she not only meets Cullen again but Declan and he has no problem with her and Cullen finishing what they began so long as he can play too.  Explosions, the good kind, happen to a point that Jewel just knows she has to follow wherever they lead and hopes they do it in a hurry.  Cullen and Declan have many things they hope to show Jewel and they have one very special thing to tell her, hoping she is the one they have been looking for.

I have never thought of a day at the county fair as erotic, but that was before I read Elven Exhilaration.  Jewel knows she is the girl next door but she still has hopes of finding her prince.  So imagine her surprise when she finds not one but two on the way to a day at the fair.  Cullen and Declan have been looking for the woman who will complete them for a long time.  Now they have hopefully found her, they see no reason not to make all their dreams come true.  Ms. Okati has unleashed another set of sexy elves upon her readers and I for one say Yeah.  The instant eroticism immediately set the scene for the best day at the fair a girl has ever known.  I will warn you that having some water beside you will be a great thing as the room seems to heat up rather fast while reading Elven Exhilaration.  A keeper for your erotic library and one you will want to re-read. 


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