Elven Enticement by Willa Okati

Elven, Book 5

Changeling Press

Urban Fantasy

ISBN:  978-1-59596-461-8

Reviewed by Jo



Alyssia is tired of begin a good elven.  She wants to see and explore everything.  and she knows the perfect place to start, the world on the other side of the veil.  Alyssia thinks itís totally unfair that the men can cross over whenever they want but the females must be escorted if allowed at all.  Oh, is that a hole in the veil weaveÖ and one of the first things she sees is two sexy men in a moving vehicle.

Devin and Cam love each other and want to be together, however, an accident has placed a wall between them that somehow they just canít get around.  Alyssia knows that these two men love each other and she is the perfect elven to show them.  Alyssia is trying to help Devin and Cam before she continues her explorations, but things donít quite go right when they notice her.  Luckily for Alyssia, both Devin and Cam seem to love pretty maids with gorgeous wings.

Mischief, thatís exactly what follows Alyssia in Elven Enticement.  Alyssia wants to get across the veil and once through, she meets Devin and Cam.  Pain, misplaced guilt and an invisible wall have separated Devin and Cam.  They belong together, Alyssia knows that as sure as she knows how to fly and she is going to help them find the way.  I couldnít help but smile as I watch Alyssia execute her great escape and then plot and plan to help Devin and Cam.  Both men tugged at the heart with what they had gone through and what they were trying to find again.  Good intentions fell pretty quickly to lust and even after Alyssia tries to disappear in order to help, I discovered that even elves donít always get what they wanted.  Alyssia, Devin and Cam are a fun and sexy threesome who I feel will have an excitement filled life once they leave the cabin.  Elven Enticement is a great way to unwind and escape into a fun piece of fantasy. 

If you have been following the Elven Series, this is a must have for your collection from Ms. Okati.


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