Eden’s Pass by Kimberly Nee

Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 1-59998-914-X


Reviewed by Tori



Inigo Sebastiano, the captain of a ship, is out for revenge.  When he spots “The Smiling Jack” sailing he knows he has found the transport ship of his sworn enemy.  Once he has overtaken the ship, Inigo knows he has found a future swordsman in a young cabin boy.  Now if he could just figure out why his blood stirs whenever the boy nears him.

Finn Eden has run away from her home and signed onto “The Smiling Jack” with the promise of someday owning the ship.  Before they can reach port Inigo sinks the ship.  Finn keeps up the guise that she is a boy because she knows how superstitious the sailors can be about girls on ships.   Can Finn escape the handsome Inigo or will his charms make her want to stay?

Eden’s Pass was filled with examples of how a great concept can go awry. Inigo was a reasonable Captain but "Finn" continually rebuked him, usually she is in the wrong and her stubbornness usually causes more problems.  I truly did like Inigo, he was patient with Finn's stupidity, and it was fun to watch him squirm before he figured out the truth about his "cabin boy.''


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