Dying for You by Beverly Barton

The Protectors


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0373773176

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lucie Evans and Sawyer McNamara have a history.  A history neither one of them will talk about or discuss with each other.  For years Lucie has done her best to try and make Sawyer understand that she is not to blame for past mistakes. Mistakes he holds himself and her responsible for.  For the past nine years Lucie has tried to redeem herself by taking any and all jobs he has assigned her; jobs that were the worst of the worst.  Not any longer.  When her last assignment tries to manhandle her, Lucie has had enough and she quits.  Ready to start her new life without Sawyer she accepts a new position as the personal bodyguard to an extremely rich heiress.  While accompanying her new boss to a meeting in South America, Lucie is kidnapped by rebels who think she is their quarry.  There is only one man who can rescue her, and that man is Sawyer McNamara, the one man she has always loved and who has never loved her back. 

I engulfed Dying for You like Norman Love chocolates! Full of suspense, I did nothing for the time it took me to read this amazing story.  Sawyer McNamara kept things close to his heart; especially his guilt.  In doing this, he came across as hating Lucie Evans when in actuality, he yearned for her.  He felt that he owed his brother for his secret obsession with Lucie and nothing would sway him.  Lucie Evans loved Sawyer just as much but her heart was worn on her sleeve more often than not.  Striving to overcome his anger, Lucie took a lot of flack from Sawyer and more than once I would have had to give him a piece of my mind.  But, if there is anything that kept Lucie going, it was her knowledge that above all, Sawyer was loyal.  And his loyalty is what was needed to save her. 

Believe it or not, Dying for You is my first Beverly Barton novel.  After having finished this book in record time, I am sitting here wondering where in the world I have been that I have never read a book by this author before.  Her website states that Dying for You is the final installment of The Protectors series which just gives me gumption to go back and find every single installment!  Spine tingling suspense, amazingly written, and romantic to boot, Dying for You has it all.  I greedily savored every single word.


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