Duke Pretender by Sharon Lanergan

Sequel to Dukeís Project

Cerridwen Press


ISBN: 9781419916656

Reviewed by Cassie



On the London docks one day, Jack Thorndike rescues a lovely young lady from several ruffians.  In return, she offers him a ride to his home, which he shares with his older brother.  Later, she visits to return a glove he left in her carriage, and believes him to be the Duke of Stratford.  Taken with her beauty, he doesnít correct her.  When he finds himself going to her hometown of Lower Pennington to look at a vacant home there and meeting her father, the vicar, and others, however, his deception begins to weigh on him.

After being rescued by the handsome duke, Miss Angela Ainsley is smitten.  Although she knows itís not likely a duke will want to marry a mere vicarís daughter, she manages to get him to come to Lower Pennington.  Even in a town as small as hers, there are many secrets, some dangerous.  When several of them come out at once, will Angela and Jackís budding romance weather the storm?

Duke Pretender is an enjoyable (if not particularly realistic) Regency tale.  Jack is the typical jaded, secretly unhappy rake.  Angela is the marriage-minded miss who sets out to catch him.  Despite their somewhat clichťd natures, Jack and Angela were so darned likeable I couldnít hold it against them.  There are a great many secondary characters in Lower Pennington society, and they were fun to read about.  A suspense storyline introduced about halfway through the book provides additional conflict and wasnít too easy to figure out.  Overall, Duke Pretender is an entertaining book, and it made me curious.  Though it stood alone perfectly well, I believe Iíll check out Dukeís Project so I can read the real Duke of Stratfordís story. 


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