Duet in Blood by J.P. Bowie

My Vampire and I series, Book 3


Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-906590-94-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Long, long ago three powerful factions fought for supremacy, two were vampire in nature while another human with special gifts.  One vampire faction lead by Marcus Lucius Verano fed from humans but left them alive afterwards, the other lead by Darius and calling themselves the Dark Forces considered humans mere cattle, disposable.  The Wizard Brotherhood were evil men who used the dark arts to further their own ends.  Marcus and his followers believed in a peaceful co-existence while the Dark Forces grew stronger by learning the dark arts from the Wizards. A major battle ensued between the factions and after the dust cleared they all settled below human radar.

Being dumped is never easy but Micah is finally ready to rejoin the world and stop whining and moping when he goes to the Blue Moon one night.  There he meets the most extraordinary man named Joseph Meyer.  Micah thinks Joseph is almost too good to be true even with some strange quirks like his eye sensitivity to sunlight and sleeping so soundly all day.

Although Joseph wants Micah to share his life there are major obstacles to overcome.  The two men soul-bond yet Micah is unaware of what is truly going on around him.  Joseph hesitates telling Micah exactly who and what he is fearing rejection when danger knocks on the door.  Perhaps Joseph waited too long.

Duet in Blood is awesome fun to read!  The main characters in this tale, Joseph and Micah, are very engaging and take turns telling this tale.  The secondary characters, heroes in previous stories are present and delightful once again in Duet in Blood.  Slightly over packed with drama and some stretches in credibility partly because the cast is so large and diverse slow the tale down at times.  Nonetheless, Duet in Blood, is solid entertainment and enjoyable from start to finish.


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