Drive Me Daisy by Cat Marsters

Sundown Investigations, Book 2

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Shapeshifters

ISBN: 978-1-59596-794-7

Reviewed by Emma



Daisy Kennedy was raised by the Fae. She was given the ability to shape shift. When she returns from the Fae world, the first man she sees is Adam  and she falls for him - hard. Too bad he had to be Alpha of his pack, which made her choose to leave without a word. Too bad, as well, that 15 years later she still loves him. Or is it?

Adam Connor is 15 years older, wiser, with longer hair and a more clean-shaven appearance.  He is still sexy as hell. What Daisy does not know is that he has given up being his pack’s Alpha, and is still suffering from the broken heart that was her final gift to him.

Now Adam works for Sundown Investigations, which is where Daisy used to work.  He now needs her to help with a job.

The difference between love and hate is a very thin line.  Daisy has been keeping a secret since she last saw Adam.  Can they overcome the past to create a future?

Drive Me Daisy is an engaging and interesting tale of two people who have to figure out if they are happy with the way their lives are or if they can go back in their relationship so they can move forward to create a new and different relationship. The characters are well-drawn and appealing. The reader finds themselves wanting to reach into the tale and smack both characters for being either stubborn or silly and then wanting to hug them for the decisions they do make.


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