Dragonís Choice by Debbie Mumford

Sorchaís Children: Book 1

Freyaís Bower

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-934069-84-6

Reviewed by Chris



Once upon a time there lived a dragon who fell in love with Sorcha, a spellbound sorceress. Though human in nature, she found herself trapped in the body of a dragon. Caedyrn, black dragon and heir to the dragonís ice aerie, gave up his kingdom to be with her. They mated, still in dragon form, and Sorcha bore six exceptional offspring. Half-dragon, half-human, Sorchaís children lived in the dragonsí ice aerie, far from their parents until they were old enough to master their shape-shifting skills.

This is where Dragonís Choice picks up the tale. Aislinn, daughter of Sorcha and Caedyrn, decides to return to the human world. Navigating the customs of King Leofricís court, while learning the nuances of human language and action is no easy task. When she falls in love with the human prince of a neighboring kingdom, she must determine whether she is willing to forfeit her place in the aerie for the love of a mere man.

Her youngest and most ill brother, Taran, also accompanies her to court. Never healthy as a dragon, he discovers that as a human he actually takes after his mother, possessing wizardís gifts. Since dragon and human magic donít mix well, it is little wonder he never acquired the strength to attempt a dragonís mating flight. In the world of the humans, he finds the most enchanting woman is the one whose father despises dragons the most. Unfortunately, convincing Lady Senga that sheís Taran's destined mate is the easiest task he faces.

A treaty between dragons and men holds a fragile peace between the species. Some, both in King Leofricís and Prince Ewanís courts, long for the old days where dragon slaying was not only justified but encouraged. Can Aislinn and Prince Ewan hold tight to their love while Ewanís father tries to turn his people against her? Will Senga survive long enough to escape her fatherís household and marry Taran? Youíll have to read the story to find out for yourself.

Dragonís Choice is a well-written, passionate tale guaranteed to satisfy the fantasy-loving romantic. Ms. Mumfordís depiction of human foibles, emotions, and actions never rings untrue. The couples, Sorcha and Caedyrn, Aislinn and Ewan, Senga and Taran, are all completely unique and equally enchanting. My only wish would be for more tempting cover art. It certainly doesnít do the story justice. I can't wait for Book 2. Aislinn's brothers and sisters are bound to cause trouble!


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