Double Happiness by Shayla Kersten

Ellora’s Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 781419917912

Reviewed by Ley



David Anderson loves Tai.  He never imagined himself settling with one man let alone wanting to be committed to one, but meeting Tai changed all that.  David will do anything to make and keep Tai happy, so when Tai’s mother comes to town for the commitment ceremony David vows to keep things peaceful no matter how much animosity is between him and his soon to be mother-in-law.

Tai wants his mother to accept him and the man he loves.  When she informs him she’s coming for the ceremony he takes it as a signs she coming around.  When she arrives the tension between his lover and his mother may be too much for Tai to deal with.

Double Happiness is fantastic.  Tai and David are a beautiful couple and even though they are about to be committed they are still learning about each other.  Tai’s mother is a riot, she knew exactly how to get to David and she was relentless with her words and letting him know she blames him for her son being gay. I liked everything about this story especially how David would do just about anything to make Tai happy and vice versa.  Double Happiness is a fun and entertaining story and I loved it.


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