Donít Ask, Donít Tell by Cassie Stevens

Amber Allure


ISBN: 978-1-60272-231-6

Reviewed by Raine



Separated in their teen years Elliott, a marine, and Neal, a politician, never forgot nor stopped loving the other. Now twelve years later, photos of their time together have surfaced in the media threatening the lives they now lead. Elliott and Neal meet once again to decide how to handle this crisis. Only now they are adults. How will they handle this? With aplomb? Or will they choose to be together openly and handle what may come at them and their careers to find happiness in each other arms once again?

The odds that one can hold onto love from afar over more than a decade and find it again with the love of your life is the stuff dreams are made of. Donít Ask, Donít Tell is just thatÖ..a dream come true. Cassie Stevens unravels the tale of deception in the telling of Elliott and Nealís love story. I could not help from falling in love with both these strong men in their actions and the love and respect they show one another. Donít Ask, Donít Tell is a truly heart warming story all M/M fans will love.


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