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ISBN: 0758212062, 978-0758212061

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“Thief of Hearts” by MaryJanice Davidson

Dr. Jared Dean would never consider the ER boring, and definitely not after investing a loud crash and finding a petite blonde taking down a 200-pound man. When the blonde spies him, she makes eye contact – enough for him to know she was the only woman he would ever love – and then runs.

All Kara had wanted to do was to escape from the stupid mafia boss. Just because she'd seen something she shouldn't have, he's had it out for her ever since. Now that she's kicked his ass, he's going to be even more hell-bent on finding her and silencing her. Forever.

Thief of Hearts” was a fun story that kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more. I normally prefer my heroes alpha, but Dr. Dean is cute and hysterical, and won my heart. He and Kara were so utterly perfect together that I had a smile on my face throughout most of this story. “Thief of Hearts” was a refreshing change from all the 'saving the world, but having sex while we do it' books that I've read lately. There is sex -hot sex, and some saving Dr. Dean from being killed, but the main focus is on Kara and Jared, and their budding relationship. I truly loved his dream and would read this book again and again just for that scene.


“Wild Hearts” by MaryJanice Davidson

Frustrated at the lack of clothing in real women's size, Kat leaves the mall and retreats to her car, only to find someone stealing it. Not about to give up her car so easily, Kat jumps on the hood and proceeds to try to do a Citizen's Arrest.

He had a job to do, and dealing with a crazy psycho who would confront a thief, try to arrest him, then kidnap him and lock him in her trunk was definitely not what he'd signed up for. Shame she was utterly gorgeous and insane.

“Wild Hearts” is a hysterical ride. Kat had me laughing through almost the entire book. Poor Chess could do no more than get swept right along, but he didn't seem to mind. My only complaint was that the story moved on quickly, and without all the falling in love I'd have preferred to read about.

For good fun stories that will make you laugh out loud, you definitely should read Doing It Right by MaryJanice Davidson. The characters in each book compliment each other well, and the humor is worth mentioning yet again.


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