Diamond Wolf by Kat Haeske

Lyrical Press

Paranormal, M/M

Reviewed by Zayn



Two years ago, ladies man and werewolf Kiernan was captured by a sadistic vampire and tortured nearly to death.  The last weapon in the torturer's arsenal was the beautiful vampire, Wulf.  Except, Wulf turned out to be Kiernan's savior rather than his demise.   Kiernan has returned to life as usual but something is missing, or rather, someone.  Kiernan finds Wulf, but together, they have a lot to overcome.

Diamond Wolf was dark.  Wulf and Keirnan's first meeting was under the worst circumstances.  Ms Haeske does a great job of selling me on a loving relationship emerging from a near rape.  Wulf and Kiernan's eventual coming together happened after much angst and it was beautiful in its poignancy.


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