Devil's Food Kate by Darragha Foster

Teaching Old Gods New Tricks, Book 3

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 1-59578-260-5

Reviewed by Erys



Kate has a successful business that specializes in erotic edibles. It's very, very successful since she accepted a job that is paying her twenty thousand dollars cash for a dinner party. Even with the odd requests that accompany the money, Kate is more than happy to oblige a few quirks. The money could really help out Naughty Bits.

When she meets Odin Borsson she finds desires coming to life that she'd thought were dead and buried. Unfortunately, the twenty thousand dollar party is interfering with her possible date time with Odin.

Odin knows something Kate doesn't. She's his. He's been waiting centuries for her, and he's not about to let her go. Though he's a retired god, he doesn't plan to stay that way.

Devil's Food Kate was a very enjoyable read. I thought the heroine gave in too easily to the hero's explanations, and that she wasn't very questioning. I did like that Kate was a strong woman with a good sense of humor, and the sex in this story was indeed hot.


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