Destiny By Design by Wylie Kinson

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419910913

Reviewed by Vicki



Ellis is known jokingly as “The Room Whisperer" in the design industry. She just senses what the room wants to be. Now she has been invited to enter a design competition that could lead Ellis to a hefty contract.  Despite a few, minor, set backs things go well, until someone is caught sabotaging the other designers.

Simon has never been this annoyed or this turned on by any woman in his life. He doesn't quite get Ellis' techniques but he knows she is good. Now if Simon could only keep his mind off her bottom and on his construction company’s bottom line.

Destiny By Design is a truly awesome book. I was worried that interior design is so visual that it wouldn't work in print, but I was wrong.  Ellis is just the right amount of quirky and Simon is the perfect man for her.  When the couple finally pair up you are rooting for them. 


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