Desire for Three by Leah Brooke

Desire, Oklahoma, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Romance, Ménage

ISBN: 1-6061-238-X

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Jessica “Jesse” Tyler is closing in on 40, and looking forward to a new beginning.  She’s left behind a bad marriage and forgotten what’s it’s like to feel anything by surrounding her heart with a wall of ice.  Going to visit her older sister in Desire, Oklahoma is a welcome change for her.    Soon she learns that Desire is an isolated community where Dom/sub unions and ménages are the norm.  Women in Desire are revered and protected by the men.  Jesse is blown away, especially when she captures the interest and fancy of ranchers Clay and Rio Erickson.

What’s an independent, heart-scarred woman to do when a pair of gorgeous brothers bombast her with more pleasure than she’s ever experienced in her entire life?  Hope that she can keep up.

Desire for Three is a thrill, a pleasant change from my usual read.  I got into the fact that the characters are mature and assertive people that have experienced life, all coming together for a chance to experience love and lasting happiness.   The town is described with a believable setting and origin.  It makes you fantasize about escaping to or possibly living there.  All around, Leah Brooke works the heck out of this puzzle into a plot that keeps you glued to the pages until you’re fanning from the heat that Jesse, Clay, and Rio generate in every scene. 

No matter how hard she protested, Jesse learned that Clay and Rio wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.  I was glad they knew what they wanted: Her.  Before the end, she folded and that’s what I call the best kind of HEA.  Desire for Three covers all the bases for romance while mercilessly fogging up the windows with a smorgasbord of Dom/sub sex that will make you do a Google search for Desire, Oklahoma.  


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