Demonís Bargain by Amanda Steiger

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Dark Fantasy

ISBN:  978-1-60521-111-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Ellaís people are being slaughtered by a malicious dragon; so desperate times call for desperate measures.  She secretly journeys to the isolated castle of Lord Vaz, a half-demon who was cast out by her people.  He is also the only one capable of saving them all.  In return, Vazís price is one night in his bed.  Ella knows there is no turning back for her once she commits to this.  Before the night is done, Ella and Vaz will be forever changed.   

One of the best things about a story is when thereís an underlying message or premise.  Demonís Bargain briefly examines the scars and viciousness of bigotry without being preachy or directly pointing figures.  The message that was the hardest to digest (whether real or fantasy) is that there are people who will never change or grow beyond their worse traits and beliefs. 

Love and passion bring hope and forgiveness to Vazís cold existence.  Ellaís purity, self-sacrifice and courage remind him of everything heís lost and hopes to regain.  Together they evolve.  Their hearts are bolstered by love and a clearer understanding of whatís important.  Aside from the strong, meaningful lesson, this sultry and delightful tale could melt an ice storm.  I hope this author will bring back Ella and Vaz in a sequel to resolve a couple of unanswered questions, not that Iím complaining.  A good story always leaves you wanting more.


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