Deep Obsessions by Jenna Byrnes


M/M/F Interracial Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59426-752-9

Reviewed by Ley



Jade Jernigan is tired of playing second fiddle to her boyfriendís work.  Stood up once again because Bobby was sidetracked at work Jade decided it was time to move on, but Bobby was not going to let her go without a fight. 

Bobby Wyatt knew he had to come up with something better than a mere apology to get Jade to forgive him this time.  He wished she could understand how important stem cell research work was to him, but he knew it was unfair to leave her alone so often.  To make it up to her he and save their relationship Bobby took Jade on a Caribbean cruise where they met Quentin Brooks who was more than willing to turn their cruise into a voyage they would never forget.

The opening of Deep Obsessions had me mentally high fiving Jade, the heroine of the story.  My initial reaction to her was she was a woman who didnít allow love to turn her into a doormat, and she was very in touch with her sexuality.  As the story progressed the erotic aspect of Deep Obsessions increased but it was not enough to keep me interested. The story peaked right around the time Jade and Bobby encountered Quentin on their cruise, from that point on I found it wasnít the story I was anticipating. I felt the author, Jamie Hill didnít build an emotional connection between Jade, Bobby and Quentin and I felt Quentin was more of a prop then a person.  Quentin was introduced as a Ďbig black maní and thatís how he was referred to through out the remainder of the story, big and black.  I found it insultingly stereotypical how Ms. Hill represented this character and I felt it really hurt the overall story.  Even though I found the storyline lacking Ms. Byrnes did deliver some very interesting sexual situations between the threesome.  With Quentinís involvement Jade and Bobby lived out some of their sexual fantasies including BDSM. Deep Obsessions had a great start, but it failed to deliver what could have been a very good story in the end.


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