Deep Cover by Clare London

Torquere Press

Military (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Max and Elisa have been together long enough that everyone around them has certain expectations of what comes next.  However, Max and Elisa’s relationship is more intellectual than passionate because, frankly, Max’s passion is fellow soldier Ryan, while Elisa’s is unknown…Will Max and Elisa each be able to get what they really want or will they conform to what is expected of them?

Deep Cover is a surprisingly engaging story full of interspersed and furtive erotic moments woven through Elisa’s monologue of self-realization.  Given that the time period in which the story takes place is unclear it almost overshadows the building eroticism of Max and Ryan’s furtive encounter.  However, Claire London delivers with characters that will grab your attention regardless of whatever else is going on and leave you wishing that there were more of them to learn.  Deep Cover is a great and quick read for a lazy afternoon!


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