Deadly Inheritance by Jayelle Drewry

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ISBN: 978-1-59578-501-5

Reviewed by Elysia



Gabrielle is the new owner of a large mansion in the middle of Romania. The house of a man she blamed for her mother’s death, and one she’d severed all ties with. Who knew she was the closest thing to a living relative he had?

Ivan is trapped in a crypt far below and has been for years. He and his brother have been Roderick’s prisoners for too long to count, and they are starving. They will do anything to feed, even if it means attacking their savior.

Overall, I enjoyed Deadly Inheritance by Jayelle Drewry. I enjoyed her writing style and voice. I found Gabrielle’s reactions to her situation realistic and expected in most cases.  I had problems with some inconsistencies, though. Things like if she had spent so much time growing up in the house, how she could know so little about the area or its history.  Timing inconsistencies, like referring to an incident that had happened two nights before as having happened “last night” and then issues with Ivan being prisoner for so long. Most of those issues could have been resolved with better editing in my opinion. I thought Ms. Drewry’s treatment of the vampire legend and what it meant for future generations unique, and am interested in the story of Ivan’s brother.


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