Dark Summer by Iris Johansen

St. Martin’s Press


ISBN: 10: 0-312-36808-9

Reviewed by Lisa



A volcano erupts on the small island of Santa Marina.  Search and rescue teams are trying to locate survivors as quickly as possible.  Dr. Devon Brady, a veterinarian and her dog Gracie head the dog/trainer teams but at the moment the two are trying to get a few hours sleep before they head back out to the current search site. Unfortunately for Devon she wasn’t going to get that nap.  A black lab has been brought in with a gun shot wound along with his surly owner.

Jude Marrok is involved in an intense, deadly cat and mouse game against Raymond Danner who will stop at nothing to get his hands on Ned, a black lab and three other dogs in Marrok’s care.  A promise made long ago to keep the four dogs safe has guided Marrok all these years.  Whether she likes it or not Devon is now entangled in the deadly game being played out between Marrok and Danner.  Something about Devon calls to Jude making it impossible for him to let her go even though she’d probably be safer elsewhere.  As the level of danger quickly comes to a head decisions will need to be made, promises kept or broken.  There’s no telling who will be standing when the dust finally settles.

Powerhouse author Iris Johansen pens another suspenseful roller coaster ride in Dark Summer.  Against a backdrop of intrigue and cold blooded murder readers will take a journey to the unknown in this explosive hit.  Devon Brady and Jude Marrok, timely lovers and worthy protectors or total failures, only time can tell with this enthralling couple.  Dark Summer is an exciting tale with a clear focus on trust, faith and the value of love between two people and those around them.  Filled with interesting characters, two or four footed, Dark Summer has everything you could wish for in an Iris Johansen tale, nail biting suspense and fascinating characters in a provocative plot with a paranormal twist.  Most definitely, Dark Summer is hard to put down!


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