Darkness Unknown by Alexis Morgan

Paladins, Book 5

Pocket Star


ISBN-10: 1416563431

ISBN-13: 978-1416563433

Reviewed by Jo



Jarvis Donahue is just doing his job as a Paladin when he is ambushed, severely hurt and left to die.  Little does Jarvis know that when he wakes up after healing that he will be confronted with what could be more problems.  Right now the Paladinís are being stretched almost farther then they can handle in his area.  Jarvis has become the informal leader of his group, which means he needs to figure out how not to overextend them and still keep their border strong.  Now he can add the woman who found him and her brother to his list of responsibilities.

Her dogs alerted Gwen Mosely that something was not right on her property.  After following them, she discovers a badly injured man.  Gwen is shocked as she watches him begin to heal before her eyes.  The only person she has ever seen do that is her half brother.  Neither Gwen or her brother knows anything about his fatherís background and now, just maybe, they can discover something about his genetic background.  First Gwen needs to get the unconscious man safely to her house and nurse him back to health.

Jarvis and Gwen are attracted to each other but Jarvis believes that Paladins and long-term relationships do not go together and tries to limit how far it goes.  Gwen isnít sure why Jarvis is giving her mixed signals, but she does know that he is the answer to her prayers for her brother.   Knowledge about his job and past is taken out of his hands when the barrier goes down unexpectedly.  Gwen and Jarvis are going to be tested in an extreme way.  Can Jarvis and Gwen find a way to balance their need for each other with the reality of Jarvisí world?

When you are a member of an unknown group of warriors, how do you have a successful relationship?  In Darkness Unknown Jarvis will need to discover the answer.  Jarvis is the informal leader of his group of Paladins and that alone should make it impossible to have a love life.  Gwen has raised her half brother since the death of their mother.  It has left her little time or energy to have an outside life beyond that and running their farm.  Gwen and Jarvis come together from extremely different lives but they found an unexpected thing in common.  Jarvis was fighting the relationship so hard that I was wondering if he and Gwen would have a chance.  Sometimes it takes an expected action to cut through all of the doubts, this is what I discovered happened for Jarvis and Gwen.   I had to love when Jarvis and Gwen finally were able to put everything except their love and passion to the side and find a way to be together forever. I was on pins and needles hoping for them while afraid it would not happen.  Darkness Unknown has action, sweetness, passion and danger that perfectly mingles from start to finish. 


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