Darkness Falls by Jamie Lynn Miller

Dark Roast Press

Gay contemporary

Reviewed by Cassie



Matthew Tucker loves his job acting on a hit series.  Unbeknownst to his sexy costar and best friend, Daniel Westman, Matthew also loves Daniel.  He’s been keeping his feelings to himself in order to not ruin their friendship or their working relationship.  Then Daniel is injured on the set.  Matthew moves in with Daniel in order to help him adjust to his blindness, which may or may not be temporary.  Will Daniel’s accident be the end of their friendship, or the start of something more?

Darkness Falls is a simple, cute book with two appealing heroes and a storyline that, while familiar, is still interesting.  I liked that Matthew and Daniel were actors and coworkers, and Matthew’s horror when Daniel was hurt felt genuine.  The friendship between the two men was heartwarming to read.  There was a nice dash of angst due to Matthew’s fear of revealing his feelings to his best friend, as well as because of Daniel’s blindness.  The sexual tension and love scenes were well-written.  I would have liked to have seen things through Daniel’s point of view a few times to get additional depth to the story, but overall Darkness Falls was a pleasant read.  I’ll be interested to see what else Jamie Lynn Miller has written.


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