Dark Light by Jayne Castle 

Ghost Hunters, Book 5



ISBN: 978-0515145199

Reviewed by Tanya



Harmony is a futuristic world where humans have evolved over 200 years using their psychic senses as both an energy source and integral part of their lives.  This world has lots of alien artifacts and even exotic pets called dust bunnies.  The biggest part of this world is that there is an entire underground city of catacombs left behind by the aliens who died long before humans found Harmony.   The only issue is that there are dangerous clusters of psychic energy (ghosts) and protection charms (traps) that were left behind when the aliens left.  It takes special talents to be able to navigate these dangers.

Reporter Sierra has written some of the most controversial stories about the Crystal City ghost hunters and their organization (Guild).  While she writes for a paper known for its tabloid ways, her stories tend to be a lot more truthful than made up.  In fact the new head of the Crystal City Guild (John) has granted her an interview, as he is concerned about what she knows, as well as her safety. 

Sierra is pursuing a story about retired Ghost Hunters who are going missing.  No one but Sierra seems to care about them.  That is until she is granted an interview with John.  Sierra is stunned when she meets John; he is calling to her intuition that he is the man for her.  But, no way could she be the match for a Ghost Hunter, and a Guild man to boot.  But, when John convinces her that she needs to marry him during this first interview she agrees but only for a marriage of convenience, so that she can get a promised story. 

The problem is that these two stubborn people might just learn to trust each other and love each other.  Will they want to make this marriage permanent?  Will they live to figure it out?

I love Jayne Castle's alternate universe of Harmony.  I have followed the different characters through the series, which is loosely tied together through their living on Harmony, and Dark Light is just as good as all of the rest have been.  I love how Ms. Castle makes her characters each have their own distinct personality and with the addition of the personalities of the dust bunnies you have to laugh out loud, more than once.  I enjoyed how the character of John was able to logically convince Sierra she needed to marry him.  I especially enjoyed the concept of the tabloid reporter having some truth to some of the stories.  I found myself laughing out loud in more than one place, and not just at the dust bunny with the Elvis cape.  Dark Light is a well-written addition to the Ghost Hunters Series and I know I won't be the only person who couldn't put this story down.  Be prepared to have to change you plans when you find you have to finish the next and next chapters.



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