Dark Harvest by Lynda Hilburn

Medallion Press


ISBN:  9781933836614

Reviewed by Jambrea



Kismet Knight is a psychologist who caters to vampires.  It didnít use to be that way, but once she found out about their dark underworld things changed, not only her career path, but also her love life.  Falling for Devereux, the leader of the vampireís, was never her plan, but the perks are endless.

Kismet thought things were settling down in her life when she does a radio interview that turns her life upside down once again.  Can Devereux save her from herself?  What else could happen?  Kismet is about to find out.

Dark Harvest is wonderfully mysterious.  Everything that can happen to Kismet does.  She is fighting so hard to stay true to herself causing her to push away the man she loves.  She isnít herself after her radio interview and things start to happen to make her lose who she really is.  She meets new interesting friends and a surprise visit from her ex makes her life even more confusing.  Dark Harvest has mystery, intrigue and romance.  I just wanted more.

Lynda Hilburn does such a wonderful job of turning a first person story into one that flows like a third person tale.  As I was reading I kept forgetting that is was in Kismetís voice and just fell into the book.  I canít wait to go back and read the first story in this series.  Ms. Hilburn has a winner on her hands with this vampire psychologist and her foray into the dark underworld.


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