Daringly Delicious by Leigh Ellwood



ISBN: 978-1-60659-072-0

Reviewed by Tanya



Tish’s Dishes is booming.  Not only are her chocolates selling internationally but now a popular local grocery store is going to exclusively feature her wedding cakes.  Now if she could just attract a man to love, she would have it all.  She is stunned and almost stupefied by the limo driver she meets while at the grocery store.  But, she is convinced he will never be attracted to someone of her size.

Vinnie is in love, he now believes in love at first sight.  The first time he sees Tish he knows she is the one, but he is unable to even talk to her as he is stunned by these thoughts.  So now he will have to figure out how to tell the woman who makes truffles to die for that it is not her cooking he is after but her body.

Yeah!  Daringly Delicious daringly writes about a less than size 2 heroine who wins the hot guy.  I love it when an author steps out of the normal perfect hot woman to write.  I enjoyed this fast-paced story about love at first sight, valuing diversity, and good chocolate.  Ms. Ellwood has written, in Daringly Delicious, a sinfully delicious tale that I think all will enjoy.


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