Dare To by AKM Miles

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-316-1, 1-60370-316-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Dare Wilson has lived a pretty spare life during the last couple of years, as he has spent the time concentrating on his career and trying to avoid thinking about the fact that his mother threw him out of the family when he came out.   Now Dare’s mother is on her death bed and she is seeking his forgiveness, but will it be too late for Dare?  As he is sitting in the hospital waiting room trying not to think about the enormity of what his family is going through Dare comes across JC, a little boy that touches his heart as he is just the type of child Dare works with in his career.  Unexpectedly JC comes attached to a very handsome uncle, Ryan, one of the most handsome men that Dare has come across in a long time.

With all the upheaval going on in not only Dare’s life, but also in Ryan and JC’s lives – is there a way that Ryan and Dare can make it work?

Dare To is a very emotional novel that really delves into the emotions of loss and coming into one’s own.  Dare is a much grounded man that has built a life around helping others live through difficult times, in ways that he himself didn’t have available.  Dare is a curious blend of charm and vulnerability as his characters swings from self assured man to moments of angsty teenager.  Ryan is an almost perfect man in his role as JC’s parent and boyfriend to Dare.  However, as much as I love AKM Miles writing, this book didn’t have the depth of character that one would expect or the emotional “realness” that has been almost natural within her other works.  Unfortunately, most of the time the prose didn’t flow smoothly or the character’s actions and emotions seem credible enough to pull the reader in to become involved in the lives of Dare and Ryan or the outcome of their struggle.  Also, it must be said that Dare To has its share of sappy moments that are too sweet to be real.  Dare To is a read for a day that you are in need of an emotional distraction.


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