Dangerous Deceptions by Patricia Harrison

Amber Quill Press



Reviewed by Tori



Thane, Lord Welford, needs to marry well to keep his family lands. His father gambled away the rest of the family wealth before he died. Thane does not believe that he will ever love anyone as much as his darling Claire, that is until he meets his bride-to-be.

Miranda Armitage has been raised by her aunt to be quiet and submissive, leading to a life without many friends. When Miranda is told Thane fell in love with her on first sight, she is skeptical, but she does as her aunt says.

Miranda finds friendship and respect at her new home, but unexpected guests show up, including those with murderous plots. Will secrets and mistrust tear Thane and Miranda apart before their marriage begins? There are those in the house that would like to try it.

I really liked Dangerous Deception for the most part. It is a good, classic historical romance. At times, l found it hard to keep track of the bad guys, because there were several, but it gets easier toward the end.  I did figure out the suspense part of Dangerous Deception rather quickly but I enjoyed watching the characters figure it out for themselves.


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