Dangerous Bet:  Troy’s Revenge by Marie Rochelle

Tycoon’s Club Series: Book 1

Contemporary, IR

Red Rose Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-60435-153-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Headley Rose denied her feelings for Troy Christian because she never believed he’d ever look twice at her.  Troy was the full package; he could have any women he wanted and didn’t need to settle on someone like her.  After graduation, Headley pursued her dream career as a fashion designer in New York, never realizing that she’d crushed Troy’s hopes.

Troy Christian has been in love with Headley for years.  He kept his distance out of respect due to their age difference but had every intention of claiming her when she turned 18.  She’s been gone for 10 years.  Now that she’s back to resolve family issues, he’s in control.  Headley has to give into his demands or risk losing everything.

Will Headley and Troy own up to their feelings or risk throwing away another shot at having a future together?

Marie Rochelle is wicked with a pen when it comes to bringing together a pair of hard-headed people obsessed with taking a tumble into the nearest bed, not that they would admit it.  Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge didn’t disappoint.  This story kicked off with a scene riddled with sexual tension and confrontation until I was dying to find out what would unfold next.  This showdown between Headley and Troy was steamy, stormy, and downright stupendous because Ms. Rochelle does a splendid job at telling their story.  I truly liked these characters and the author is great at peeling away their tough exterior to reveal the vulnerable hearts hungering for love and acceptance.  I wanted to grab Headley and Troy and force them to open up and tell one another how they truly felt.  However, I was reminded it’s never easy exposing yourself to another person.  

Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge is a modern tale with a touch of old-fashioned sweetness that works and never gets old.  This author is fast becoming a personal favorite, and here’s another example of why I’ll continue to read her books.  If you haven’t snatched up one of her sultry, tumultuously tender novels then I strongly suggest that you remedy that ASAP.


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