Dancers' Rhythm by Elyssa Lynne

Ellora’s Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419918971

Reviewed by Ley



Gregg Phelps, a dancer in a small dance troupe can’t help noticing the guy in the fourth row center seat of the audience.  He was hard not to notice and the fact that he’s come to see a show that’s not even worthy of the talented dancers performing in it has Gregg very curious. His being the most beautiful thing Gregg has ever seen is the main reason he stands out though.  When the fourth row guy comes looking for Gregg after his latest performance, meeting him changes Gregg’s life forever.

Colin Greaves, is in awe of Gregg’s talent.  When he goes in search of him after the show his intent is purely professional until Gregg is standing in front of him.  Colin’s respect for Gregg’s talent quickly becomes so much more as he gets to know him on a more personal level.  With his home in London and Gregg unable to leave his obligations in New York will these two lovers lose this special connection they’ve found?

Dancer’s Rhythm was a very melodramatic story.  Colin came into Gregg’s life like a knight in shiny armor who after one meeting wants to wave his magic wand and make all Gregg’s dreams come true.  The story was a sweet thought but a bit overdone.  Although I wasn’t crazy about Dancer’s Rhythm, I would still be interested in reading other stories by Elyssa Lynne.


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