Cow Pie Bingo by Addison Albright

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Good natured Evan lets himself get roped into substituting for a sick co-worker at a kissing both at the town fair.  So in preparation, Evan makes up his mind that even though he has finally realized he’s gay, that giving attractive women small pecks on the lips is worth the cause.  But what will Evan do when the hottest guy at the fair shows up with a fistful of tickets requesting a “real” kiss?

Cow Pie Bingo is a fun and funny story that somehow missed the mark on the sexy scale.  Granted, Evan is new to the game but the whole seduction, which was quite short, was more appealing than the actual erotic encounter that felt scripted and stilted.  However, Addison Albright is an author to watch, as I believe that with the larges canvas of a novel length story she could deliver a truly emotional scorcher of a romance.  Cow Pie Bingo is an entertaining and quick read that will do the trick on a day when distraction is the name of the game.


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