Coverboy by Dan Skinner

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Brock Martindaleís good fortune has turned to bad luck.  His once lucrative modeling career and high profile relationship both are gone and now heís penniless alone and has no idea what to do next.  When heís just about to lose all hope Carey Lindenbay walks into his life and gives him a future to look forward to.  Carey gave Brockís life purpose again and Brock wants to return happiness to the life of the man who quickly became his best friend.

I found Coverboy to be more of a buddy story than a romance.  Brock had a frat boy persona.  He let his fame go to his head and ended up alienating those close to him.  Carey was a lifesaver for him.   I like the camaraderie between Brock and Carey, and even though their relationship was sexually physical, I didnít view them as a couple, but more so as friends with benefits.   Dan Skinner has a fun writing style and even though Coverboy wasnít what I was expecting I will look for more of Mr. Skinnerís work.


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