Cosmic Hearts by Kara Griffin

Aspen Mountain Press


ISBN: 978-1-60168-122-5

Reviewed by Lisa



The planet Kion has approximately three million people, comfortably ruled by King Chance with the help of his brother, Prince Jack.  Kion itself is dying and King Chance must find another suitable planet, another home for his people.

Years ago on the planet Vestalumbria Queen Valerie made all the men leave, including her husband and banned any man from setting foot on the planet.  Princess Valeen and her guards travel off planet as the princess is curious about men among other things.

The king decides that Vestalumbria will be the best place to settle even if their queen won’t allow men on the planet.  Chance will need to woo Valeen and hope that she can be compassionate towards his plans for his people, plus with a little luck and thorough skill Valeen might just enjoy sex, the real kind and take a chance on a sexy, grateful king.

Action, adventure and romance bring Cosmic Hearts to life for readers.  This futuristic tale has a steady, solid plotline with a dying planet, talking computers, space pirates and much more.  I found Cosmic Hearts to be a charming, delightful and tame love story.  I do think however that references to music,phrases and other things from ‘old Earth’ were too many and put me in the present instead of up in the stars.  Cosmic Hearts has few surprises yet it is a pleasing tale for readers who prefer a more gentle futuristic romance.


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